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The Scalabrinian presence in Mozambique started in Maratane (Nampula Province). Maratane is a new refugee camp established immediately after the civil wars in the Great Lake Region to host refugees from that area. It is located where a colonial leprosarium was and offers assistance to nearly 5,000 people who fled RDC, Burundi and Rwanda.

New Projects

  • Food and Social Assistance Program.
  • Education Program.

  • South Africa

    In this amazing mixture of cultures and ethnic groups, we are called for a variety of tasks, including shelter, training programs, legal services, social and religious assistance to migrants, seafarers, displaced people and refugees fleeing from neighboring nations. We have encountered the sad heritage of apartheid and all the conflicting situations of the immense African continent.

    New Projects

  • The Welcoming Programme.
  • Lawrence House for orphaned refugee children.
  • Shelter for the homeless children.
  • Ale’s House for teenagers.
  • Kllema for disabled support group.
  • The IT and Life Skills Training Course.
  • Percussion Academy.
  • Migration Resource Centre.