Scalabrini Communications Network

Taking into account the positive experience in the past of the Network of Scalabrinian Radios in Brazil and Radio Migrantes, in addition of several magazines and newspapers published by the Scalabrinian Congregation around the world, along with radio and television programs directed by the Scalabrinian Missionaries, SIMN supports the Scalabrini Regional Communication Networks to foster a positive perception of the phenomenon of migration and to promote a better governance of international migration.

SIMN’s newest additions include a biweekly newsletter to inform and educate its followers about our current activities; a Flickr account (SIMNWorldwide) where anyone can view pictures of SIMN’s latest achievements; a Facebook account (SIMNWorldwide) that updates daily; and a Twitter account (@SIMNWorldwide) that presents facts, articles and pictures related to migration. Check us out at the above links- every page view, like and retweet helps us help migrants and spreads our message around the world!

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