Mario José Zambiasi is a Scalabrinian Father, born in Brazil of Italian descendant. At a very young age, he joined the migrant mission. With his 25th birthday came his first move from Brazil to Italy to complete his seminary education. From there, he travelled in pursuit of the migrant mission, living in Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, Paraguay, and finally the United States, where he currently resides. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English.

"I met so many migrants, sailors, refugees… I encountered so many different cultures, nationalities, religions, ways of thinking and behaving… this really broadened my horizons.

Now, SIMN has brought me to New York and to the United Nations, to serve the migrants from this side. It is a pleasure to dream, draw and rethink a better world for so many people on the move”.

Fr. Mário Jose Zambias