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Statement of the Scalabrini International Migration Network International Dialogue on Migration April 19, 2017

APR 24 2017 by SIMN

The Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) operates 270 programs worldwide serving migrants, refugees, victims of human trafficking, and the internally displaced—schools, shelters, parishes, and community centers.  We would like to thank the International Organization on Migration (IOM) for hosting this dialogue and allowing for our participation.

While SIMN plans to comment on the many substantive issues involved in the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration as the process continues, we would like to make one general comment at the outset.  This perspective comes from our observations and experience in the field.

The lofty goals of the Compact, as articulated by Director General William Swing and others, and the reality on the ground are far apart—a gap that will be challenging to bridge.   The reality on the ground is that a record number of persons are on the move globally and a new model is already emerging to address their large movements.  Unfortunately, this model is not based upon human rights principles, but on the goal of keeping large movements of persons where they are, and, in some cases, pushing them back to from where they have fled.

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SIMN is Now a Participating Member of CLAMOR – A new faith-based network that cares for migrants in Latin America

APR 20 2017 by SIMN

(Vatican Radio)  In a clear sign of support and in response to Pope Francis’ call to care for and welcome forced migrants, displaced persons, victims of trafficking and refugees, the Latin American bishops are promoting a newa faith-based network for migrants in need.  

Known as CLAMOR (Latin American and Caribbean Migration Network, Shelter and Human Trafficking), the network brings together a large number of organizations that deal with human mobility and that shelter and give assistance to trafficked persons.

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The Women's Health Program

APR 07 2017 by SIMN

Thanks to the strong collaboration with Susan G. Komen Italia, an Association that promotes the fight against breast cancer worldwide and in Italy, Casa Scalabrini 634 launched the Women's Health Program. The program aims at promoting women's health by raising awareness on the importance of healthy nutrition and early detection in relation to breast cancer and to some major women's health issues. The program occurred at Casa Scalabrini 634 with three different training sessions and one day of free mammograms and ultrasounds for 60 women among refugees, migrants and the local community. The program has been very successful not only in promoting the importance of health but also in contributing to a further integration activity in collaboration with the local institution and community.

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