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MAR 10 2016 by SIMN

Ontem, 9 de março de 2016, os diversos países da União Europeia praticamente fecharam a chamada rota balcânica aos migrantes que fogem da violência e da pobreza em países como a Síria, Afeganistão, Iraque, Paquistão, Bangladesh, entre outros.

A Hungria decretou estado de emergência, o que significa, entre outras coisas, o aumento de 1500 de soldados para controlar as fronteiras do próprio país, impedindo a passagem.

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Europe "walled up and alive" is a pure illusion

FEV 29 2016 by SIMN

Thousands of refugees arriving every day, too large flow openings that, gradually, you are closing, leaving hopeless people - adults, women and children - blocked to wait.

The worried closure of the passages by the countries located on the external front of European Union, is far away from being a solution to the threat posed by the huge human tide on the move, but it could also open the real possibility that the route move to west to the border with Albania; from there across the road right to the coast, to the usual bargaining with the smugglers, finally landing in Puglia. In European summits that is the topic of the day, if it is true that Germany, Austria and neighboring Balkanians already in October 2015 had reasoned to increase controls at the greek-Albanian border crossing. The worry is also spread to Italy which strengthened the contrast in the sea, off the coast of Puglia, combined with the fact of meetings initiated between Italian authorities and those of Albania and Montenegro.

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