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SIMN's Remarks at the Monthly NGO Committee on Migration

MAR 09 2017 by SIMN

On March 9th, 2017, SIMN was present at the monthly meeting of the NGO Committee on Migration. The specific topic of the meeting was the impact of SDGs implementation thus far and how best civil society organizations can leverage the Global Compact on Migration negotiations to transform the SDGs from promise to reality.

SIMN’s Executive Director, Fr. Leonir Chiarello, addressed the audience with the following remarks[1]:

For those who do not know us, the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) is a network of more than 250 programs serving migrants around the world and operated by the Missionaries of St. Charles, Scalabrinians. We have been involved in the process of definition of the Global Compact on Migration with other civil society organizations, including the NGO Committee on Migration, and we hope to strength our collaboration in this process.


[1] These remarks were prepared by Kevin Appleby, Director of International Policy of the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) and the Center for Migration Studies (CMS), in collaboration with Leonir Chiarello, Executive Director of the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN).

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Pope Francis, Migration, and the Journey to Human Development and Peace

MAR 08 2017 by CMS

On February 21 and 22, the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) hosted its biennial International Forum on Migration and Peace, titled this year “Integration and Development: From Reaction to Action.” The event took place in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and was co-sponsored by the newly created Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the German think-tank and political foundation. In a pre-conference audience, Pope Francis laid out his vision of refugees, migrants, and just societies, which has assumed extraordinary significance at this historical moment. The event occurred in the midst of the global crisis in refugee protection, a flurry of executive orders in the United States targeting immigrants and refugees, and rising nationalism and nativism in many European states.

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Mujeres migrantes: El derecho a soñar fuera de sus fronteras

MAR 08 2017 by SIMN

Ofelia Cueva es la protagonista de una historia ejemplar. Conocimos su trabajo y obra en Chile que la conecta con la dura realidad que viven cientos de migrantes que buscan una vida mejor. Este es nuestro homenaje en el Día Internacional de la Mujer.

Source: http://www.emol.com/

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