Fr. Jairo Guidini
Position: Director Regional Office
Region: South America

Fr. Jairo currently works in Asuncion, Paraguay, as parish priest of the Parish of Las Mercedes and chaplain of immigrants in the Archdiocese of Asunción. Fr. Jairo helped to found the FEDIPAR (Federation of Immigrants in Paraguay), five years ago in Paraguay. This foundation is the only one recognized by government migration authorities as a representative of migrants in civil society.

Fr. Jairo also reactivated the Scalabrinian Foundation in Paraguay of the Scalabrini Network (SIMN) under the name Scalabrini Foundation for Migration (FSM), of which he is currently the Director. Before coming to Asuncion, he spent 3 years in González Catán, in Buenos Aires as Diocesan Delegate of Migrations in the Diocese of La Ferrere and pastor of the Fatima Parish where he was also the chaplain of the Portuguese community in Argentina.

While still studying theology in San Pablo, Brazil, he worked with Spanish-speaking migrants on the weekends. He finished his theology and philosophy degree in San Pablo, which had already begun at the University of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.