Proposal for Humanitarian Aid Project for Tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul

In response to the recent tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul and our discussions about donations to help the victims and those affected, we would like to present a proposal for a humanitarian aid project on behalf of SIMN (Scalabrini International Migration Network).

Our aim is to provide emergency assistance and promote reconstruction and long-term human development for the affected communities.

  • Emergency Assistance

Our campaign prioritizes emergency assistance, providing food, water, warm clothing (considering the imminent arrival of winter and the cold front expected in the coming days), personal hygiene products, mattresses, wet wipes, baby bottles, milk, and diapers for children.

We recognize that migrants are particularly vulnerable in this context due to their socio-economic status and the lack of a consistent support network. Therefore, while everyone will benefit, migrants will receive priority attention, reflecting our commitment to inclusion and equity.

  • CIBAI Migrations Mission

The CIBAI Migrations mission will be responsible for distributing the assistance received, leveraging its extensive experience in assisting migrants. With a track record of serving over 100 people daily, CIBAI Migrations will not only provide immediate assistance but also help migrants regularize their documentation, facilitating their integration into the local job market or other regions of the country.

  • Human Promotion in the Medium and Long Term

In addition to emergency assistance, we aim to promote reconstruction and long-term human development. Our goal is to assist 5,000 families, including those benefiting from emergency assistance. This will be achieved through:

  • Reconstruction of homes and small businesses, including the purchase of raw materials to restart economic activities.
  • Organization of events and support programs to help people suffering from depression, thus promoting mental health and emotional well-being in the affected communities.

We firmly believe that this proposal will not only provide immediate and vital assistance to the affected communities but also lay the groundwork for sustainable and inclusive recovery. We rely on the generous and supportive assistance of your company to make this project a reality and help rebuild the lives of those affected by this tragedy.

To contribute, click the button below to make your donation. It is our official and secure donation page.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and support! Together for Rio Grande do Sul and all the people who need to start over!