Scalabrinian Priest Honored in Lengthy Newspaper Article

July 23, 2014 – Father Flor Rigoni, Scalabrinian priest and the director of the Home for Migrants Shelter “Bethlehem” in Tapachula, Mexico, has recently been honored in a lengthy article in the Spanish-language publication Excelsior. The article, entitled “Flor María Rigoni, el padre migrante” (Father Flor Maria Rigoni, the Migrant Father), was published on Monday to unanimous acclaim from those who have worked with migrants.

The article, which details Father Flor’s struggles and triumphs as the director of the shelter, declares him to be “a world leader in the field of migration”. After working in Europe and Africa, Father Rigoni settled in Mexico in 1985. Since then, he has fought tirelessly to better the lives of migrants seeking relief at the Scalabrinians’ Bethlehem shelter.

Despite its location in Mexico’s poorest state, Chiapas, Father Rigoni’s relentless efforts ensure that the Bethlehem shelter is always open to migrants, most of whom originate in Central America and are escaping even worse violence, hunger and poverty. Many migrants whom frequent the shelter include families, as well as women and young children, who have often suffered great abuse during their journey to safety. Father Rigoni, despite the instability and poverty that surrounds him in Chiapas, has worked to provide each and every at-risk migrant with both physical and mental security.

Here at Scalabrini International Migration Network, we are delighted and flattered that one of our own has been recognized for his tireless commitment to our mission.

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