Víctor Genina
Position: Director of Development and Policy

Víctor is a specialist in international migration. He got his Bachelor’s Degree from El Colegio de México (COLMEX) in 2000, with a dissertation on the revival of American nativism and the historical patterns of xenophobic reactions in the United States. He also got a MA degree in Political Science from The New School of Social Research, in New York. And he just got his PhD in Political Philosophy at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), with a dissertation on a philosophical approach to dialogue as an alternative to tackle polarization and to advance the human rights agenda at the United Nations.

Professionally, he has served as an advisor on international migration and human rights issues to the Permanent Missions of Mexico to the United Nations, both in New York and Geneva, being involved in several negotiation processes on migration issues at the UN and other fora, such as the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the UN High-Level Dialogues on International Migration and Development, and several UN resolutions on the protection of migrants’ rights. Also, as an advisor to the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico for Latin American Affairs, he participated in several regional processes to address the migratory and asylum-seekers fluxes from Central America, as well as the Venezuelan refugee crisis. He joined SIMN in July 2021.