7 Years of Webradio Migrantes Communicating Hope – Missão Paz

There is an increasing use of the media for educational purposes and for the integration of migrants into society.

São Paulo, July 9, 2020 – Since 2013 to the present day [Webradio Migrantes] has a varied program, 24 hours on the air, with music and information about the situations of migration and refuge in Brazil and in the world, in addition to topics of politics, legislation, and local society that directly affect the life of the migrant. Belonging to the religious order Scalabrinian Congregation, it is an open space for migrants, who can produce their own programming, thus promoting the experience of communicating with others in a dynamic, inter, and multicultural space. Extracting the fortifying and enriching experiences from the most diverse migrant groups and their respective cultures from the good coexistence.

Web Radio Migrantes, operating on an online platform, is located in São Paulo, capital, in the Nossa Senhora da Paz Mission Paz Parish since July 9, 2013, whose identity is to provide a just world by building it under the responsibility of inserting culture and good coexistence between differences.

It is a space for migrants and refugees integrating them with events, news, and information on migration, both national and international.

Issues related to immigration and its environment are the social responsibility of the media and it is evident that the media are today the main constructors, who provide the entire population with models to interpret reality, the stereotypes that feed data, configure, confirm, or deny worldviews.

Thus, the media participate decisively in the construction of social values, in a dialectical relationship, the media is a mirror of the values of a society and its internal relations and, on the other hand, it’s fundamental in the definition of values and attitudes.

Through the different online platforms, the web radio starts transmitting different events where the migratory topic is and thus gains visibility and can express an opinion and be a vehicle that contributes to broadening the debate on cultural and political issues involving migrants and refugees.

Many thanks to those who follow the radio, we’ll continue to communicate hope.


Source: http://radiomigrantes.net/noticias/cultura-16/09-07-2020/comunicar-esperana-7-anos-de-webradio-migrantes-misso-paz