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Abuses of Migrant Fishers in the Ports of South Africa Persist

Some things never change. Abuses of migrant fishers in the ports of South Africa persist. A typical example is what the migrant fishers from the Philippines and Indonesia continued to suffer at the hands of a Chinese captain and chief engineer. They were subjected to scrupulous management on board a Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel in May 2023. In August 2022, Hung IU 313 docked in the port of Durban with injured and miserable fishers due to

Presentation of Entrepreneurship Plans by Students of the Centro de Formación of the Scalabrinian Center in Bogotá

Bogotá, May 3, 2023 – Thanks to the work carried out by the entrepreneurship and employability area of Corporación Scalabrini, the first entrepreneurship plans were presented by some students who attended the entrepreneurship courses at the Centro de Formación. Among the plans presented were fast food products, businesses focused on aesthetics, and bakery areas. The design of this products was thanks to the classes and training processes that the students have had. Of the proposals submitted,