Asia Region

The Scalabrinian Apostleship of the Sea centers in Manila, Philippines, Taiwan (Taipei and Kaohsiung), and Vietnam continue actively aiding seafarers and fishers hit by the COVID-19. Under the lockdown imposed by authorities, all centers have been closed. Staff and priests residing in the centers and shelters work diligently to support current residents, including migrants, seafarers, fishers, and refuge seekers.

Beneficiaries of the centers are provided with daily meals, financial assistance, mental health support, hygienic and personal care supplies, medicines, vitamins, and recreational activities to address the lockdown and social distancing. Sheltered people have been provided with permanent internet access to communicate with their families in their countries and communities of origin.

The situation has been managed, and people remain safe and healthy in the centers. However, in the middle of the lockdown, the main concern of the staff, seafarers, and fishers, is the unemployment and remittances to their families, as well as their intention to re-enter the labor market post-COVID-19 immediately.

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