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As the unprecedented global pandemic continues spreading and affecting individuals, families, organizations, and communities across the world, the unique challenges faced by more than 272 million immigrants and 70,8 million displaced people and refugees are exacerbated.

Despite pandemic restrictions and closed international borders, people fleeing violence, persecution, and war continue to seek international protection and essential support to survive the crisis and find safety. Migrants, refugees, seafarers, and asylum seekers are among the most vulnerable groups at risk of contracting COVID-19. Essential migrant workers and their families increase their vulnerability since they do have not access to health care, unemployment benefits, and housing protection. The consequences in a post-COVID-19 society will be devastating for the well-being and social and economic stability of migrant families in both hosting communities and countries of origin.

The role of local organizations that deploy their activities in environments where resources are limited, and conditions are often dire is critical to respond to the urgency placed by the crisis. Their active presence is imperative to address the challenges posed by this pandemic at the local and global levels.

To continue supporting people in need, affected by COVID-19, SIMN launched a global campaign on May 5, 2020. Please donate and support our mission through the Global Campaign  #Scalabrinian Support for COVID-19 Response

Scalabrinians response to COVID-19

Through its presence in 32 countries and more than 250 Scalabrini entities spread in five continents, SIMN continues supporting immigrants, refugees, seafarers, fishers, asylum seekers, and forcibly displaced people to safeguard and promote their dignity and rights in the face of the pandemic’s effects. Along with its Scalabrinian partners, SIMN remains providing in-person and remote essential assistance and programs to vulnerable populations in welcoming centers, shelters, schools, orphanages, medical clinics, and centers for seafarers in the midst of the COVID-19.

Since February, and in line with WHO’s recommendations, SIMN and its members have mobilized its staff and resources across the world to plan their responses and save lives as the global health crisis evolves into the most significant mobility crisis ever.

SIMN strategic response focuses on (1) responding to the emergency and immediate needs, and (2) needs and effects post COVID-19 in the mid and long term. These actions include:


How to help?

SIMN is leading and coordinating a global effort, supporting our missions to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support SIMN and its partners can now donate through the #Scalabrinian support for COVID-19 response.

Click on the DONATE  button below to donate through the Paypal portal. You can also find alternative payment options at simn-global.org/donate.

Donations received will go towards funding the immediate needs and long-term response programs in the most in need of Scalabrinian missions.