Europe and Africa Region

The Scalabrinian Missionaries of Europe and Africa have been active in various local realities, projects, shelters, parishes, and missions in France, Italy, Portugal, Geneva, and South Africa in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Robust support for food subsistence, collection, preparation, and distribution of food parcels and quarantine supplies have been carried out tirelessly for both natives, migrants, and refugees. Regular programs for education, legal advice, literacy, and pastoral accompaniment has been adjusted to be conducted remotely via phone calls, the internet, and social media since most of them cannot operate in their traditional format. Hundreds of volunteers and Scalabrinian priests continue supporting people amid the pandemic conducting visits to lonely elderly people, hospitals, and cemeteries as far as possible.

Scalabrinians in Europe and Africa are launching the local campaign #unasolacasa (, aiming to collect funds to help the most vulnerable victims of the health crisis, to be distributed among current programs and missions. Specifically, in the month of May, the funds will support Casa Scalabrini 634 (Rome), Humilitas – Latin American Mission (Rome), ASCS (Milan), Community of Nampula (Mozambique) and Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church (Johannesburg).

For donations outside the United States and for more information visit the link below.