South America Region

The Scalabrinian Migrant Shelters and Centers in Latin America in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, continue working assiduously to offer people on the move, migrants and refugee seekers, full accompaniment in times of the pandemic.

Casas del Migrante keep running the shelters for vulnerable people at low capacity. Beneficiaries are provided with lodging, food, health services, hygiene products, clothing, internet, entertainment room, medical attention, emotional support, and spiritual accompaniment. At the same time, local teams dedicate efforts to relocate individuals and families in hotels, hostels, and rented houses temporarily. Migrant families and unemployed individuals out of shelters receive financial aid, grocery baskets, medicines, and hygienic and personal care kits. Information, legal advice, psychosocial support, and others are provided remotely through phone and video calls, WhatsApp groups, social media, and other apps. Local teams deal with different challenges to organizing recreational and entertainment activities to overcoming stress and fears arising from the pandemic and isolation. Mental health becomes a key issue during and post-pandemic.