Activities in Arica in the Month of July 2017


In the framework of the celebration of the 206 years of Independence of Venezuela on Sunday, July 9 at 12:00 in the Pilgrim Chapel of Emmaus, the Association of Venezuelans living in Arica – AVA -, together with INCAMI, celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass presided over by a Venezuelan priest, from the community of the Augustinians who was on vacation in the city and concelebrated with Fr. Beto, coordinator of the Pastoral of Migrants. The mass was very emotional because of the economic, political and social situation in Venezuela, where we invoke God so that this serious crisis can be overcome. At the end of the mass at the door of the temple, the symbolic gesture of the washing of the flag was made, as a sign that all hatred, hunger, corruption, forced migration, violence, death … and peace be restored between the brothers themselves. Following the religious activity was a delicious lunch typical Venezuelan “Pabellón”, with the presence of more than 35 people.


On Sunday, July 16, the day of the Virgin of Carmen, an advocacy that has a lot of roots in Colombian people, and as we began to celebrate the 207 years of Independence of Colombia a Mass was celebrated at the Pilgrim Chapel of Emmaus, Organized by the INCAMI, the Honorary Consulate of Colombia and the Colombian community who had a good participation by enthroning a picture of the Divine child Jesus, which will remain in the chapel. After the mass was over, the dishes of lechona and sancocho were tasted, typical Colombian food. Cumbia, Vallenato and Salsa were played at the event throughout the afternoon. They shared a nice moment of joy and celebration. Each year more people join, and it’s becoming a tradition.


Because of the proximity of Arica and Tacna, many of the Peruvian residents travel to their country to celebrate their independence, and that is why on Saturday, July 22, we celebrated the Mass of Peru’s Independence. It was organized by the members of the Future Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles, which begins to take shape already in the Chapel as a way of visualization, along with INCAMI – Pastoral of Migrants – and by the community Pilgrim of Emmaus. At the celebration, an oil painting of the Lord of Miracles was presented. The Pastoral of Human Mobility of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference donated the painting. For the same 28th day of Independence, the grouping of Peruvian residents, Arica without Borders celebrated a Mass together with INCAMI and later they shared typical food.