Activities of Fundación Scalabrini in Arica, Chile

Collaborative Alliances- IOM

Arica, July 16, 2021 – In the city of Arica, in the northern part of Chile, the Framework Agreement between Fundación Scalabrini, as a member of SIMN and the International Organization for Migration-IOM is being developed in compliance with the objectives set as an alliance, the reception is one of them. This objective has allowed us to improve the services, remodeling and conditioning the environments, making them safer and more comfortable for the migrant population. Along these lines, humanitarian assistance was provided to families seeking a settlement in the city. Several families have received boxes of food, toilets, and diapers, these are supplies that help them sustain in this complex context generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Work on the Field

The diverse migratory flows that arrive in Chile and pass through Arica are families that arrive with great needs, not only adults but also children and the elderly, who feel the absence of food, health, documentation, and especially the need for housing. In our tours of the periphery and the coast of Arica, families that camp have been identified and are in precarious conditions due to lack of resources, exposing themselves to many dangers.

This is where a collaborative and coordinated intervention is carried out with the networks in Arica.