Celebration of National Migrant Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 21, 2017 – For the second consecutive year, the Pastoral Migrant Service celebrated the Migrant’s Week with the Community of Sanctuary N. S. Fatima of Rio’s Center from June 18 to 25. This 32nd Week was celebrated with the theme: Migration, Biomes and the Good Living, with the Slogan: “An Opportunity to Imagine other Worlds.”

With the Shrine full of workshippers, Fr. Mario Geremia CS, Representative of the International Migration Network Scalabrini (SIMN) and Fr Ridz celebrated and gave thanks for the gestures of solidarity from the Community and the Orionita’s Religious Family who welcomed and provided work to migrants and refugees. These substantial gestures give meaning to the celebrations while helping to combat xenophobia and social hatred against migrants and refugees. The celebration created solidarity and fostered compassion to those who are different and similar. The weeklong celebration also denounced the unjust causes of forced migration and pointed to inclusive public policies and integration for all.

This year a victory was celebrated after years of work and struggle against the Statute of the Foreigner for the approval of an Immigration Law that guarantees of rights and duties of the migrants and refugees will be equal to the Brazilians and ensures that Brazilians abroad are treated in the same way.

In this year we had several celebrations of the national migrant week in different parishes and communities, collecting in this way the fruits of the Pastoral sowing during these last years. For all that, praise God and may the Mother of Migrants accompany them, protect them and guide them in the paths of light and peace, ” said Fr. Mario Geremia.