Celebration of the National Day of the Migrant of the Migrant Center of Guatemala

Guatemala City, September 7, 2017– Casa del Migrante Guatemala celebrated last Sunday, September 4, the 23rd Brotherhood and Peace Festival to celebrate the National Migrant Day, which takes place on the first Sunday of the month of September.

Beginning with a liturgy, then artistic presentations and ending with a press conference, the Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabrinians united to celebrate the contribution that each migrant takes to the country of destination, as well as to denounce the human rights violations that migrants suffer in the country.

The aim of this festival is to create a moment of reflection on the cultural, religious, political and economic aspects of the migration situation.

Parishes, congregations, civil society organizations, among others were present at this great annual event. In addition, the new Human Rights Procurator of Guatemala, Mr. Jordán Rodas, joined the event to request actions in favor of the migrants and asked to move from concern to action.