Scalabrini Training Center CIAMI in Villa del Rosario Started the Office and Computer Course

Cucuta, Colombia, July 12, 2022 – The 90-hour office and computer course began with three groups at the Scalabrini Training Center, CIAMI in Villa del Rosario. Students will receive classes two days a week, and at the end of the course, they will be certified by the Los Libertadores University.

Today they received an orientation from the coordinator of the Centro de Atención Integral al Migrante, who welcomed the students to this new course at the center. He stated the importance of making the most of this training for employment and entrepreneurship in the municipality of Villa del Rosario and Cucuta.

In the study plan, they will receive knowledge in basic computing, where the office package will be the fundamental component (Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point0. These are essential tools for any office job. In this way, the students will expand their expectations in the labor field with the knowledge that dignifies their lives in any place where they want to work.

In addition to these pillars, they will learn digital marketing topics. This knowledge can be applied to their enterprises, considering that they will receive training on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is part of all the courses taught by the Scalabrini training center.

This is the third training course opened this year for migrants, displaced people, and highly vulnerable Colombians at the Scalabrini Training Center. Since February, CIAMI has started with the sewing course and the manicure and pedicure course at the Camilo Daza and Villa del Rosario campuses.