Intercultural Christmas dinner with the migrants in Arica

On Sunday, December 18, International Migrant Day, the Scalabrini Foundation and Incami Arica organized a beautiful dinner for 400 people, delivered over 200 gifts to children and 200 family grosery baskets to poor migrants.

The resources for this event were managed by the intendant of Arica and Parinacota, through the funds of the presidential grant. The Scalabrini Foundation postulated these funds and was benefited to carry out this activity. Numerous migrants and their families from 11 countries were benefited.

The activity took place in the gymnasium of the San Marcos College between 5 pm and 8 pm with the animation of the Ítalo clown, welcoming the participants, presenting the migrants by country, the cultural groups and the show with the children.

Present were the coordinator of the event, Father Beto, the Diocesan Bishop, Moisés Atisha, the Governor and Deputy Mayor, Ricardo Sanzana, Ms. María José Vergara with a commission of the cabinet of President Michelle Bachelet from Santiaqo, the consuls of Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, among others, highlighting the event.

It was very gratifying to see the happy faces of the children with their dinner, their gift and the satisfaction of the migrant families when receiving the basket of provisions.

It only remains to thank Baby Jesus for allowing the coordinating team to celabrate this activity. Thanks to all the people and work teams that contributed with their extraordinary support. To the director of the San Marcos school, Luis Santos, the officials and the pastoral team, for allowing us the space and facilities of the event. God bless them all.