Graduation Ceremony of Third Generation Class at the School of Arts and Crafts Aldea Arcoíris

Tapachula – Chiapas October 17, 2016 – On the 14th of this month, the graduation ceremony of the Third Generation Class of the school “Aldea Arcoíris” was held. This time 49 immigrants from Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia as well as 2 Mexican nationals successfully concluded their studies.

The technical courses offered, focused on the workplace, are certified by teachers from CECATI 86 and the certificates and diplomas given to them are valid documents from the educational authorities. The delegate of the National Migration Institute in Chiapas (INM), Jordán de Jesús Alergia Orantes said that migrants who received their certificate for having fulfilled their tasks, were granted the status of temporary or permanent resident, so they can work and remain in national territory for any gainful activity.

The school, which opened on December 2015, is an initiative from Fr. Flor Maria Rigoni, Director of the Scalabrinian shelter, which helps asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking. Up to this date, 113 migrants and asylum seekers have been certified by successfully concluding the arts and crafts courses that allow them to improve their quality of life and their families.

The Director of the school Aldea Arcoíris, Nimbe Gonzalez said that they were not only providing students with work tools but also psychological support, food and shelter for themselves and their children, if they are women.

Fr. Flor María, explained that each course lasts three months. “We have several workshops in Aldea Arcoíris, beauty of culture in three stages, dressmaking, basic computing, refrigeration, air conditioning and pastries”; He said the project has an economic aid of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees COMAR and UNHCR. “We also have a small daycare center for the young kids of studying mothers,” he said.