Executive Director of SIMN Participated at the Dúvidas Sobre Imigração Informative Workshop

New York, July 9, 2023 – Hosted at the Our Lady of Pompeii parish in New York City on July 9, 2023, and supported by GARRA, the informative workshop “Dúvidas Sobre Imigração” offered crucial insights into immigration law in the United States to numerous Brazilian migrants. Fr. Jairo Guidini, Executive Director of SIMN, warmly welcomed the attendees during the mass before the event, and encouraged their active participation in “Dúvidas Sobre Imigração.”

The workshop was expertly led by Stephanie Mulcock, Director of the non-profit organization GARRA, and a licensed attorney in New York with 12 years of experience specializing in immigration law. Participants gained comprehensive knowledge about the immigration process, legal alternatives for living in the US, and were able to differentiate between myths and genuine options. Furthermore, attendees were provided with the opportunity for a free consultation to assess their individual cases.

GARRA is a well-established non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the economic empowerment and political visibility of Brazilian women in New York. With 12 years of active engagement, Garra has directly assisted over 2,000 individuals and indirectly impacted more than 800,000 people.

Fr. Jairo expressed his gratitude, stating, “Thanks to GARRA, we were able to provide many Brazilian migrants with invaluable and free immigration law services.”

The Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) is an umbrella organization, established in 2007 and inspired by Saint John Baptist Scalabrini, encompassing over 250 entities involved in various activities and services aimed at assisting migrants, refugees, people on the move, seafarers, and fishers worldwide.