February 8, 2018 is the World Day of Prayer and Reflection Against Human Trafficking – Pope Francis

“Whoever fights for interests builds war, whoever fights for causes builds peace” (MG)

February 08 is the 4th World Day of Prayer and Reflection Against Human Trafficking.

On this day when the Church celebrates the memory and the life of Saint Josefina Bakhita, who suffered the drama of being trafficked for slave work, Pope Francis proposed this initiative of reflection and prayer to the victims and their families of this horrible crime.

At the same time we should report as a Church, the unfair causes of human trafficking like war, poverty, hunger, ethnic conflicts, lack of work, and human smugglers.

Many migrants are the greatest majority of the victims of this sad reality.

Let us acknowledge of this proposal of Pope Francis and the Church giving visibility and disclosing it in our communities, in the public and social environments.

We are specially called to pray for the victims of human trafficking and their families.

The battle against human trafficking is a theological fight, and we hope that Saint Josefina Bakhita intercedes together with the Holy Trinity so that we can face and overcome this human tragedy.

Let’s come together and let us join this divine and human cause.

Fr. Mario Geremia CS