Fr. Paolo Parise was awarded the Alceu Amoroso Lima Award from the Cândido Mendes University and the Alceu Amoroso Lima Center for Freedom – Rio de Janeiro

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, Fr. Paolo Parice was awarded the Alceu Amoroso Lima Human Rights Award, which was awarded by the Cândido Mendes University and the Alceu Amoroso Lima Center for Freedom at Rio de Janeiro.

Since Fr. Paolo was not in Brazil on that date, Fr. Mauro Geremia received the award in his place. In his words of gratitude, Fr. Mauro Geremia said: “I will describe three stories at this time. This award has, first, a long history; second, a story of pain; and third, a beautiful story.

The long story is born in the heart of a man who dreamed great, acted quickly and loved a lot: Blessed John Baptist Sacalabrini during the sad and dramatic situations of his time.

History of pain because several colleagues priests, religious and laity have given their lives, to the point of getting sick from stress, fatigue, conflicts, difficulties and lack of resources.

It’s a beautiful story because it was a work built collectively and communally between men and women in its various moments.

On behalf of Father Paolo I dedicate the prize for a world of peace, security, justice and fraternity, dreaming of universal citizenship and I dedicate it in a special way to all migrants and refugees to be welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated as brothers and sisters in our communities, as Pope Francis asks us – a messenger of true peace, which is the fruit of justice.

Thank you very much. May this award confirm our commitment to migrants and refugees.”