Health Day for the Vulnerable Population in the Scalabrinian Center of Cúcuta, Colombia

Cúcuta, Colombia, August 2, 2019 – The IPS MedGlobal and the Scalabrinian Mission joined forces to benefit, for two consecutive days, around 300 people among children, youth, senior citizens and pregnant women.

Due to the complex situation experienced by the migrant population on the Colombian-Venezuelan border to have access to decent health, the IPS MedGlobal, a North American organization with a presence in the city of Cúcuta in cooperation with the Scalabrinian Mission held an extramural health day in the Scalabrinian Center.

For two consecutive days, this event was developed to assist Venezuelan migrants, Colombian returnees and vulnerable population without any access to this fundamental right. They received medical consultation and the provision of adequate medication for each patient.

On that day different medical specialties were arranged: internist doctor, family doctor, and pediatrics. It was possible to serve the vulnerable population settled in Scalabrinian neighborhoods, mitigating their humanitarian health needs a bit.

Among the most common pathologies found by professionals in the child population was low weight and not having received any type of deworming treatment. In the adult population, they found cases of hypertension, breast cancer, skin lesions, and allergies.