Inauguration of the “Migrant Information Center” Office in Tecún Umán, Guatemala

Tecún Umán, Guatemala, July 20, – On July 19, 2021, the “Migrant Information Center” office was inaugurated in Tecún Umán, Guatemala. The Migrant Information Center will inform migrants about the services provided by the Casa del Migrante in Tecún Umán and in one way or another ensure that their human rights are respected.

Thirty-five people attended the inauguration. Participants of this event included the municipal mayor of Ayutla, the Guatemalan Red Cross, the Human Rights Ombudsman, the Consul of Mexico in Tecún Umán, the administrator of the bus terminal, UNHCR, Tierra Nueva, Representative of the Evangelical Churches, a representative of the Guatemalan Institute for Migration, and Refugees for Children.

Scalabrinians from Casa del Migrante in Tecún Umán opened the Migran Information Center to reduce the vulnerability to which migrants arriving at the bus terminal are exposed. Migrants who travel for the first time are easy targets of deception, fraud, robbery, and even attempted kidnapping.

The Casa del Migrante in Tecún Umán provides comprehensive support to all migrants who arrive with different needs: basic humanitarian care, social, psychological, medical, dental, legal assistance, information on HIV / AIDS and shelter, care for family members in search of their disappeared migrants, meetings with consuls, judges, municipal and state authorities to reduce the vulnerability of migrants, and coordination with institutions for training favoring labor insertion and avoiding migration.