Inter-institutional Work Follow-Up Meeting

San Salvador, El Salvador, June 11, 2019 – The Scalabrinian Missionaries committed to improving inter-institutional coordination have organized a meeting at the Welcoming Center in San Salvador on June 10. The meeting touched based on the possible challenges in dealing with cases of people with protection needs in light of possible transitions or changes in the institutions due to the transition/change of government and new administration in El Salvador, reinforce the current coordination mechanisms for the reference and follow-up of cases of people in need of protection and refresh the protocols of attention and reference to Scalabrinian cases for the rest of the organizations/institutions. Organizations of Civil Society, State Institutions and International Organizations, which refer cases and with whom they work hand in hand, participated at the meeting.

This is the third meeting that takes place with the aim of improving inter-institutional coordination, talking about the advances of teamwork, respect for the protocols of the Casa del Migrante de los Scalabrinianos, El Salvador, as well as carrying out working-tables in which all the people present work jointly for the welfare of the supported population in a vulnerable situation. The first meeting was held in October 2018, the second in January 2019 and the present one on June 10, 2019.