Little Migrants Walk Too

Arica, Chile, April 2021 – The closure of land borders in Chile due to the context of the pandemic has not been a reason to stop the different migratory flows, even more so when these restrictions violate the subsistence capacity of hundreds of families who make the pilgrimage; exposing not only adults but also children and adolescents who undertake this journey. For the little ones, this journey is camouflaged as an adventure trip and for others, it’s a long journey for a new well-being.

Laughing, playing, studying are one of the rights that these children are not easily allowed, that is where we have gone in search of them, to be able to give them some little joy through the Solidarity Backpack campaign, an activity in conjunction with INCAMI. This project was very well received by the church and the local community, allowing us to provide backpacks full of school supplies, notebooks, colored pencils, paints, among others things for migrant boys and girls registered in the Chilean education service.

Likewise, the Beato Scalabrini Migrant Center, because it is located in a strategic area in Arica and despite maintaining remote work, has not stopped receiving and providing care to the families that have been arriving, providing them with humanitarian assistance from the links made with different agencies that allow us to have prompt and timely attention.