Meeting of Scalabrinian Schools

Buenos Aires, March 23, 2019 – On March 20, 21, and 22, Directors and Teachers of the School participated in the “Meeting of Scalabrinian Schools” in Monte Hermoso, province of Buenos Aires. The School Nuestra Señora de Pompeya – Bahía Blanca, organized the meeting.

Participants of the meeting were members of the schools with the the Scalabrinian charisma: Nuestra Señora de Pompeya School – Bahía Blanca, Instituto Madre de los Emigrantes, Nuestra Señora de la Rocca School, Instituto Monseñor Scalabrini and the Beato Scalabrini School. The objective of the meeting was to plan, to make agreements and project educational experiences that transform us, reposition ourselves and allow us to strengthen the Scalabrinian charisma in the different communities. 

In this meeting we deepen the Scalabrinian spirituality from the management and the matrix of Institutional Learning to work the way in which each of our institutions is vivified, constructed, modeled and inhabited.

In these days we strengthen ties, from prayer, shared work, dreams, road difficulties, reflection, agreements, projects; we renew our commitment to guide our work in the service of the education of children and young people, having as our cornerstone our Scalabrinian Charisma of service to migrants.

All the activities were planned from the challenge assumed by all the Scalabrinian Schools to continue betting on recognizing ourselves and our neighbor to become aware of our limits and overcome those barriers that allow us to discover the other and enrich ourselves with their presence. Our motto for joining the educational service this year will be: Crossing borders, building meetings and recognizing ourselves with the Other was the goal that guided the meeting.

The purposes of the meeting were:

  • Enable reflection spaces that allow rethinking and strengthening the management and institutional leading, pedagogical-pastoral, legal and administrative management of the Scalabrinian schools.
  • Encourage dreams, enrich the projects of each Scalabrinian community and propose actions in accordance with the new management guidelines.
  • Share and nurture the Scalabrinian spirituality to become a multiplier of the message and experiences in each community.