“One house” So That Nobody is Excluded

Rome, March 30, 2020 – In the difficult global health moment that we are experiencing, the Scalabrinian Missionaries of Europe Africa, through the operational arm of the Scalabrinian Agency for Development Cooperation (ASCS), launched an awareness and fundraising campaign that aims to continue supporting the “neighbor”, in particular the migrant and refugee, who is suffering from the pandemic of indifference or marginalization, but who shares “one house” with everyone.

By involving their pastoral services and the project programs scattered between Europe and Africa, and the network generated by them, the Scalabrinians intend to reiterate that the commitment of service and proximity put in place for decades, in what is called the third sector, has not been stopped; that the need for welcome, protection, promotion, and integration cried out by humanity on the move was undoubtedly put to the test by the greatest world destabilization after the last world wars, but has not ceased to be of urgent relevance.

It was decided to use the house theme, where everyone in our old Europe is “forced” to stay in these days. The campaign is also linked to Pope Francis’ Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2020 focused on internally displaced persons, which recalls how this reality is not taken for granted for a large part of humanity. The “One Home” campaign was therefore born with the aim of reflecting and acting together to confirm the service commitment already in place and to involve more and more others in “being home” for everyone.

The Campaign is structured around some short video and textual reflections, that deal with different aspects of “building” one house with the other. Gaetano Saracino, a Scalabrinian missionary engaged for years in proposing an ecclesial reflection through the complex world of media, will lend his voice and face to propose these issues (link to the first video https://youtu.be/kpAw5OMm6_k). The Regional Directorate itself of the Scalabrinian Congregation will be the first to offer a substantial economic contribution which we hope will grow and bear fruit where there is the greatest need.

The funds raised will be used to face the emergency that we are experiencing today, but above all the one we will find ourselves experiencing tomorrow, when this critical phase is over; when many of the beneficiaries of our services scattered in Europe and Africa will need more support to start again, from the fundamental food subsistence to a recovery in work. The Campaign page visible at www.ascsonlus.org/una-sola-casa will be gradually updated with new content, all marked with the hashtag #unasolacasa, the key message of the initiative.