MONDRAGON Educación Internacional (MEi) signs a collaboration agreement with the International Scalabrini Migration Network (SIMN)

To carry out projects in the fields of education and training, generation of decent employment, cooperative entrepreneurship and technical assistance.

Bilbao, Spain, June 29, 2018 – On June 28, SIMN (Scalabrini International Migration Network) and MEi signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen cooperation between both entities. The agreement will address the implementation of projects in the fields of education and training, generation of decent work, cooperative entrepreneurship and technical assistance, within the framework of the commitment of both institutions in training and education, seeking the development and comprehensive training of the people, their families and communities.

Both Institutions are aware of the need to strengthen ties and establish cooperation frameworks to strengthen and expand their decent work promotion programs. Therefore, this agreement is the first step in this regard and both institutions hope to take new steps in the development of projects.

This agreement will be substantiated in the support of MEi in the projects undertaken or to be undertaken by SIMN, leading the specific educational-training component of each one of them. Among other aspects, it covers from the identification of training needs, development of itineraries and training programs, active learning methodologies, management models of educational institutions, models of linkage with activity sectors, the definition of infrastructures and necessary equipment, support in the management of educational institutions, etc.

SIMN has, at the operational level, a network of institutions with whom it shares its purpose and together with them, it carries out activities and services in the areas of education, training and labor insertion, and promotion of micro-enterprises for job creation and self-sustainability, especially among people whose existence is marked by the phenomenon of human mobility.

About MEi. It is a society whose objective is to promote and manage Institutions of Higher Education (IES) at an international level, creating a network that shares its own model supported on 4 pillars, Quality / Academic Innovation, Employability, University-Business Linking, and Internationalization

About SIMN – SIMN is supporting more than 250 Scalabrini centers, shelters, and programs that are providing lodging, food, training, and employment programs; psychological and religious services; protection to victims of human trafficking; and support in the integration process to migrants, refugees and seafarers on five continents. In 2017, Scalabrini centers supported 136,319 migrants and refugees and 227,785 seafarers around the world. SIMN also supports a network of schools providing education, supplies, and food to thousands of vulnerable children. SIMN is an accredited Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Organization of American States (OAS), and from this perspective is providing research and support for regional and global policies to protect and promote the dignity and the rights of migrants and their families.