SIMN Announces New Leadership Appointments to the Board of Directors and Executive Staff: Fr. Marcio Toniazzo, Fr. Teófilo Ramírez, and Fr. Hendrikus Arianto Ukat

New York, September 8, 2023 – The Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) would like to announce significant leadership changes within the organization, aimed at advancing its mission of safeguarding and promoting the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees, internally displaced people, seafarers and fishers worldwide.

Fr. Márcio Toniazzo – New Executive Director of SIMN. Fr. Márcio Toniazzo, renowned for his dedication to migrant and refugee causes, will replace Fr. Jairo Guidini as the Executive Director of SIMN. With a wealth of experience in managing migration-related projects and advocating for the rights of the displaced, Fr. Toniazzo is poised to lead SIMN in its pursuit of creating a more inclusive and compassionate world for migrants. His visionary approach and commitment to humanitarian values make him an ideal leader to guide SIMN’s endeavors in the coming years.

Fr. Teófilo Ramírez – President of SIMN. Fr. Teófilo Ramírez has assumed the role of President of SIMN. With an extensive background in pastoral care and migrant integration, Fr. Ramírez is well-equipped to guide the organization’s strategic direction and build collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders. Under his guidance, SIMN aims to continue its impactful initiatives that uplift the lives of migrants and refugees around the globe.

Fr. Hendrikus Arianto Ukat – Director of Australia / Asia. Fr. Hendrikus Arianto Ukat has been appointed as the Director of Australia / Asia within SIMN. His extensive experience in cross-cultural engagement supporting migrants, seafarers and fishers will play a pivotal role in enhancing SIMN’s presence and activities in the Asia-Pacific region. Fr. Ukat’s leadership will undoubtedly contribute to fostering greater understanding and cooperation among communities in this important geographical area.

We take this opportunity to thank Fr. Jairo Guidini for his leadership and commitment as Executive Director during the complex years of the COVID-19 pandemic and we wish him a fruitful and enriching experience in his new mission.

These leadership appointments mark an exciting new chapter for SIMN as the organization continues to expand its global reach and impact. Fr. Márcio Toniazzo, Fr. Teófilo Ramírez, and Fr. Hendrikus Arianto Ukat bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives that will strengthen SIMN’s commitment to advocating for migrants, refugees, seafarers and fishers as well as building bridges across cultures.

“We are thrilled to welcome Fr. Toniazzo, Fr. Ramírez, and Fr. Ukat into their respective leadership roles within SIMN,” stated the former President of SIMN, Fr. Sergio Dall’Agnese. “Their combined expertise, passion, and dedication to serving migrants and refugees will undoubtedly propel SIMN towards achieving its mission with even greater impact.”

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