Statement of the Scalabrinian Missionaries in Rome

To Fr. Mauro and all the people who work in the Scalabrinian Mission in Guatemala

 I was a migrant and you welcomed me ”(Mt. 25,35)

We have accompanied and read with attention and concern what the national and international press published about the threats you have suffered, both you and the staff working in the migrant shelter in Guatemala.

In tune with the words of Pope Francis, in stating that “migrants are not a danger, but are in danger”, we know that you are in danger because of being at the service of migrants fleeing violence and poverty and we want as well, together with you and with all the people who work in the Scalabrinian mission of Guatemala, reaffirm our commitment to life, peace and justice, where we all have what it takes to live with dignity.

We can and must testify that there is only hostility, violence and indifference towards migrants and those who fight to defend their rights, but that each person is valuable to God and very loved by Him.

Count on our support in your exemplary and meaningful service with migrants, displaced persons and refugees. May God continue to sustain us in our mission as witnesses of His merciful presence in the day-to-day life of our people and encourage us to continue sharing our lives with migrants, refugees, seafarers, fishermen and victims of human trafficking.

We send our greetings and much strength to all of you, in communion of prayer and mission.

Rome, January 24, 2020

Superior General and Counselors
Congregation of the Missionaries of San Carlos – Scalabrinianos