School Feeding Program (PAE) Deliveries in the Camilo Daza School

Cúcuta, September 2, 20202 – As students transition from in-person classes to remote education, they continue to have the “Ration to prepare at home” as part of the School Feeding Program (PAE), which is part of the nutritional supplement for students of educational institutions as stipulated by the Ministry of National Education.

The products are delivered to students for 20 school calendar days in their homes. The School Feeding Program (PAE) produced a total of 2,937 bags of food. The program also produced 2,326 bags for regular students on behalf of the School Feeding Program and 611 for migrant and displaced students on behalf of (WFP) World Food Program corresponding to the months of August and September.

Food bags were distributed on a scheduled basis and on different dates starting August 24. This ensured that distributors could avoid crowds, maintain security protocols, and practice social distancing measures. We have carried out the procedures following the norm of the decree of the State of Economic and Social Emergency in which the country is now due to COVID-19.

During these days, the management staff of the institution was coordinating the deliveries in all the 7 educational venues of the Camilo Daza School, supervising that the process in this delivery stage culminated successfully.