Significant Support to the Migrant, Returnee, and Host Population

More than 700 people with a high degree of vulnerability received support kits for their families.

Cúcuta, Colombia, November 14, 2019 – Vulnerable families received 150 food kits along with 300 blankets, 300 liquid containers, 300 mosquito net, and 150 kitchen kits. In addition, 32 products of basic food were delivered, for the proper diet of these families. Residents of peripheral neighborhoods in a high degree of vulnerability benefited from these donations made by the Colombian Red Cross in cooperation with Mission Cúcuta in the Centro Piloto Scalabrinian Center of the Camilo Daza neighborhood.

On this occasion, we have supported 150 family nuclei of which 90% of the population is migrant, Colombians returnees, and 10% host population. This support is made permanent thanks to the social work Scalabrinians and its partners who make the necessary contribution to mitigating the basic needs of this vulnerable population.

According to figures from Migración Colombia, 185,432 Venezuelans are settled in Norte de Santander, a considerable number due to the number of this population settled in marginal areas where Scalabrinian work in Cúcuta is present.