SIMN 2023 Strategic Planning Meeting in NYC

New York, 13th February, 2023. From 6th to 9th February 2023, the SIMN team met at SIMN headquarters in New York City for its annual strategic planning meeting. The meeting was attended by:

  • Jairo Guidini CS, Executive Director;
  • Víctor Genina, Director of Development and Policy;
  • Sharon Granados, Development Associate;
  • Josué Bustillo, Director of Communications;
  • Catalina Morales, Accountant;
  • Luciele Scapini, Assistant of Development and Programs;
  • Mabel Téllez, Consultant on Communications and Social Media.

The goal of the meeting was to evaluate SIMN’s achievements in 2022 and the challenges ahead for 2023. In this regard, a detailed review of SIMN’s 5 strategic portfolios was conducted (Services and Programs, Training and Capacity Building, Fundraising, Advocacy, and Networking and Communications).

Thanks to group work, adjustments and new goals were added to each of the 5 Portfolios, following a systemic assessment of the complexities of the local and international environments where Scalabrinian missions operate. Consequently, the best ways to optimize the use limited resources were also identified.

Overall, the meeting was a fruitful experience. It allowed the organization to engage in the important exercise of rethinking and reproposing SIMN’s mission as a leading global network in advocating for the rights of migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons, seafarers, fishers, and other people on the move and to propose efficient solutions and integral services, with the help of its strategic alliances, in compliance with its principles of solidarity, service, community, and social responsibility.

As a result of the meeting, SIMN staff gained a clearer perspective on the opportunities and challenges we face ahead – reflected now in the updated versions of our 5 portfolios— but, more importantly, we deepened our understanding of the relevance of the mission of both SIMN and all the Scalabrinian missions, that serve people in dire needs worldwide. In particular, we were grateful to be able to increase our awareness of the prophetic vision of our founder Saint Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, just months after his canonization, to whom we pray to enlighten and encourage us as we perform our duties, as we put the best of ourselves into serving God and people in need.