Special Health Day at Centro de Migraciones

Supporters of the health day included IOM- World Organization for Migration, who leads this inter-institutional process, IMSALUD, an entity that provided medical services with the mobile units, Corprodinco, Missionaries of San Carlos Scalabrinianos and Action Against Hunger, who attended the sheltered population at Centro de Migraciones during the COVID 19 emergency.

Cúcuta, August 22, 2020 – This population in need of protection had access to general medical consultation, growth and development, nutritional assessment and pediatrics, and delivery of medications.

The most common pathologies identified were risks of malnutrition, scabies, skin diseases, guidelines for deworming of minors, nutritional assessment, psychology assessment emphasizing the management of anxiety, gender-based violence, and prevention of domestic violence.

Health providers will follow-up for particular cases such as pediatric cases, for expectant mothers who need prenatal controls, gynecology assessment, and the delivery of micronutrients according to the identified needs.

“As Centro de Migraciones, what we do is articulate with different organizations to be able to provide comprehensive care to the target population such as migrants, victims of the armed conflict, asylum seekers, and returned Colombians. By the end of the day, we were able to serve around 80 people among the guests and the population staying in the apartments,” said Willinton Muñoz, Coordinator of Centro de Migraciones.

These health days are a support to the essential medical care provided by other organizations in our welcoming shelter every week. Organizations such as Action Against Hunger, which supports the welcoming center with nutrition, IOM conducts screening and temperature control, and Samaritan’s Purse who supplies general medicine and medication delivery.

Together, the interdisciplinary team of Centro de Migraciones carries out an institutional strengthening by promoting continuous orientation and education actions regarding the health system in Colombia, care routes, and issues of self-care and prevention of COVID 19.​

Source: https://www.scalabrinicucuta.org/jornada-salud-encentrodemigraciones