Stella Maris International Migrants’ Service Center

Stella Maris International Migrants’ Service Center is a Catholic Institution of the diocese of Kaohsiung managed by the Scalabrinian Missionaries. The center is duly recognized by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) that offers accommodation and shelter for both land and sea based migrants.

In February 1996 the first Scalabrinian arrived in Kaohsiung and officially started the mission on July 1. The mandate given by the Bishop was clear and specific: assisting all migrant workers and coordinating the pastoral ministry for foreigners in the Diocese of Kaohsiung together with the responsibility of Apostleship of the Sea.

Fr. Bruno Ceciri arrived in the Diocese of Kaohsiung and became the Director of the Stella Maris International Seamen’s Center to be joined by Fr. Eduard Pacquing and Bro. Rizalino Pongo. Their ministry extended also to the pastoral care of overseas workers in St. Mary’s Parish and other parishes. Later on, St. Mary’s Church was entrusted to the care of the Scalabrinian Missionaries.

The current Stella Maris Center was officially blessed on May 30, 2013 by the Bishop of Kaohsiung, Msgr. Peter Liu, located at 115 Jianguo, 4th Road Yancheng District.