The Scalabrini Training Center in Bogotá and Los Libertadores University Certify Seventy-Five people

Bogotá, July 19, 2023 – Thanks to the work carried out by the Scalabrini Training Center in Bogotá, the accompaniment of teachers, officials, and donors, it was possible to deliver the skills certificate to seventy-five people. Seventy-five dreams were built, and it is hoped that this achievement can serve to change not only their lives but also those of their families, forging a better future.

During the ceremony, they celebrated the recognition of Scalabrinian values, effort, dedication, and the transformative power of education. Together with the students, they commemorated this significant achievement in their lives, which will pave the way for many to build a better tomorrow. The event served as a strong motivation to keep training diligently every day and to continue reaching new goals.

The Scalabrinians are dedicated to supporting the vulnerable population, but they cannot do it alone. Therefore, they extend heartfelt gratitude to Los Libertadores for their unwavering support and for believing in the future of these students. They also express appreciation to partners like the Global Solidarity Fund, who, through the Scalabrini International Migration Network, provided the necessary financing to make these seventy-five dreams come true. Together, these collaborative efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of those in need, fostering hope and a brighter future for all.

The Scalabrinians in Colombia hope to continue reaching more people and fulfill their mission to continue every day.