Timely Aid to Vulnerable Neighborhoods During the Pandemic Emergency

Neighborhoods supported by Scalabribians benefit from food donations during the emergency.

Cúcuta, June 13, 2020– People with a high degree of vulnerability residing in neighborhoods of Scalabrinian incidence benefited from these donations, neighborhoods such as Simón Bolivar, Caño Limon, Scalabrini, Crispin Duran upper and lower part, Jose Bernal, Guadalupe, Camilo Daza, La Conquista, Villa Paz, Paz y Progreso, and the Paraíso settlement.

We continue to support the most vulnerable families during this emergency, we give support through food assistance and in some way supply them with basic foods of the family basket for at least 3 or 4 members per family.

One of the beneficiaries of the Scalabrini neighborhood, Sixta María Castro tells us, “I thank you and the Lord for this blessing of food today, for me, it is a great blessing from Scalabrinian Missionaries, God bless you greatly because I had no food in my house, I am out of work right now, I have three children and I am the head of the household.”

The distribution of the aid has been carried out through the team of volunteers from the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows, who made the deliveries with different mechanisms without exposing the population to the Covid-19 infection and responding to the needs of the context with the biosafety regulations that would allow deliveries to proceed normally.

The mandatory confinement measure as a consequence of the pandemic has affected the economy of thousands of families in the country, particularly in Cúcuta. It has affected families settled in marginal neighborhoods that carry the harshness of poverty and a pandemic that exacerbates their precarious situation; for this reason, we join efforts to mitigate the social impact that increases vulnerability.

Source: https://www.scalabrinicucuta.org/pagina-33