Training Course for Pastoral Agents of the AOS in Manila

Between September 24 and October 1, 2016, the International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA, for its acronym in English), with the support of SIMN, held in the city of Manila, Philippines, an immersion course and training called “AHOY” especially directed to Pastoral Agents AOS, in which participants acquired a firsthand knowledge about Filipino social and cultural background, seafarers and other institutions in the Philippine maritime industry.

Given the high number of seafarers from the Philippines working on international shipping are treated in different centers AOS located in ports around the world, the course gave participants the opportunity to deepen and share their knowledge to serve better the seafarers. Representatives from 22 countries and 10 religious denominations participated in the course.

“It was a strong moment of ecumenism, in which all were looking for the well-being of the person we serve, the sailor. I think this strengthens our sense of communion in mission. SIMN supported and continues to support the Apostleship of Sea and their service ‘without borders’ to the seafarers, “ said Fr. Mario Zambiasi, Deputy Director of SIMN, who attended the course.