Vatican Pastoral Visit to Migrants and Refugees in Guatemala – Hospitality in Charity Breaks Borders

On July 11, 2017,  it was a historic day for Casa del Migrante of the Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabrinians, in Guatemala. We were honored by the visit of the envoys from the Vatican by Pope Francis, to learn more about the mission together with the migrants and refugees. They were the Director and Representatives of the International Apostolate of the World Network of Prayer of Pope Francis. Prayer strengthens the action and must be linked to the works of Mercy, because of an unjust economic model that does not share and distribute. The prayer of the outgoing Church is becoming present and visible in the world of the poorest and most needy; especially migrants and refugees, to better respond to the challenges of humanity and a Church in constant mission through the service of charity.

The World Network of Prayer of Pope Francis continues to be entrusted to the Society of Jesus but, being a service to the Universal Church with a new perspective of prayer and spirituality, born from a new Christian praxis. Prayer without charity loses the Eucharistic meaning of the Risen Jesus.

The Pope appointed Fr. Frédéric Fornos, S.J., International Director of the World Network of Prayer of  Pope Francis (Apostleship of Prayer) and the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM). True vocation is born of generous dedication and service to others. For Pope Francis the next one is the migrant, especially the one who has no land, roof and work.

Along with Fr. Frédéric was Fr. Carlos Canillas, s.j., Latin American Coordinator of the RMOP; Alexis Valencia, National Representative of the RMOP – El Salvador and Gerardo del Valle, National Coordinator of the Youth Eucharistic Movement (MEJ).

They shared with migrants, the pastoral work team with the migrants, and they also greeted the seminary training team and the seminarians. They have been impressed by the formation and prayer integrated into the reality of migration. This is the true Scalabrinian Mission. This example will be marked in the Network’s history. For the first time in history, a Pope sends  Samaritans of Mercy to a Migrant Shelter.

The team of Casa del Migrante Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabrinians of Guatemala City, were very grateful and blessed with Pope Francis who came from the end of the world to resuscitate the option for the poor. Our prayer and affection.