VII International and Intercultural Gastronomic Fair for the National Day of the Migrant and Refugee

La Paz, September 10, 2018 – On September 9, 2018, in commemoration of the National Day of Migrants and Refugees, the VII International and Intercultural Gastronomic Fair were held. Participants included 6 consulates, 3 migrant communities, the Municipality and the local community. 

This activity reflected the integration of migrant communities with the local community, local authorities and the accompaniment of their consulates. Cultural integration was also visualized, reflected through the presentation of folklore and gastronomy of each country.

Likewise, immigration and chancellery authorities of Bolivia, who support the work and service carried out by the Pastoral Human Mobility and the Migrant Center, attended the event. Each of the authorities present, taking the floor, sensitized those present about the current reality presented by migrants and refugees in the region, calling on the welcoming and unity among peoples.