Visits to Venezuelan Families Who Have Just Arrived in Rio Grande do Sul

Porto Alegre, October 2018 – In the last month of September the federal government and municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul began to welcome new Venezuelan migrants. CIBAI-Migrações and the COMIG of the Scalabrinian Sisters have visited the welcoming centers.

In September and October, the Priests Gustot Lucien, James-son Mercure and Sister Egidia Muraro – all of them Scalabrinians – visited a day care center in the Sarandi neighborhood, north of Porto Alegre, as well as the Venezuelans welcomed in Canoas. The Scalabrinian missionaries noted the good housing conditions in which the migrants live in addition to being accompanied by representatives of the Federal Government, UNHCR and social agents of the respective City Council. More than 650 migrants migrated to Porto Alegre. Many have already been employed. 

The Scalabrinian missionaries are available for religious accompaniment and experience of their values ​​and customs. They have celebrations with Catholics, while they also think about involving the local Church. Those who are not Catholics, they guide them to look for their own religions.

It is important to note that CIBAI-Migrações conducted courses in the areas of ​​cleaning and domestic work for Venezuelans in the second semester. In this way, the institution, in coordination with the Federal Government, has documented more than 200 Venezuelans with emergency support, Portuguese courses, clothing, food, hygiene products, and training for employment.

Fr. Lucien Gustot c.s.