Cúcuta, September 5, 2018 – Walkers. This is how the hundreds of migrants are known who, coming from Venezuela, leave Cúcuta for Bogotá, Ipiales, Peru, walking, since they do not have any documents or money. They are young, couples with babies and pregnant women. They trust in God and in the hospitality of the people who provide them with food; they go with suitcases that leave along the way because they’re too heavy, with broken backpacks, worn shoes or flip flops, light clothing, between fog, rain and the cold of El Páramo de Berlin and El Picacho at 3400 meters high.

A team of Misioncúcuta, with some friends of “Fraternidades” (Brazil), on Sunday, September 2, traveled 150 km from Cúcuta to El Páramo, to support along the way with food, shoes, balaclava and blankets for 200 walkers. Where will they find a roof along the 120 km from Pamplona to Bucaramanga?