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Atypical Quarantine: How Refugees Live the Coronavirus Crisis in São Paulo

Casa do Migrante, in the center of São Paulo, gathers 68 people of 16 nationalities; the residents have agreed to social distancing São Paulo, April 13, 2020 – After two months looking for work, with interviews and admission exams done, Venezuelan Asia Carreño was ready to start working as an attendant at a cafe in São Paulo. That was when the pandemic of the new coronavirus arrived in Brazil. The establishment closed its doors on

Timely Aid to Vulnerable Neighborhoods During the Pandemic Emergency

Neighborhoods supported by Scalabribians benefit from food donations during the emergency. Cúcuta, June 13, 2020– People with a high degree of vulnerability residing in neighborhoods of Scalabrinian incidence benefited from these donations, neighborhoods such as Simón Bolivar, Caño Limon, Scalabrini, Crispin Duran upper and lower part, Jose Bernal, Guadalupe, Camilo Daza, La Conquista, Villa Paz, Paz y Progreso, and the Paraíso settlement.