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The New Normality of the Migratory Phenomenon

The reflection of the Scalabrinian missionary Father Alfredo Gonçalves, Vice President of the Serviço Pastoral dos Migrantes (SPM) in São Paulo, Brazil São Paulo, July 9, 2020 – The data reveals that the coronavirus pandemic does more damage among different ethnic groups living precariously in foreign countries, particularly affecting undocumented immigrants. Things get worse when these immigrants are victims of the global organized crime network. A recent United Nations report draws attention to the impact

7 Years of Webradio Migrantes Communicating Hope – Missão Paz

There is an increasing use of the media for educational purposes and for the integration of migrants into society. São Paulo, July 9, 2020 – Since 2013 to the present day [Webradio Migrantes] has a varied program, 24 hours on the air, with music and information about the situations of migration and refuge in Brazil and in the world, in addition to topics of politics, legislation, and local society that directly affect the life of