Campaign Against Human Trafficking in the Scalabrinian Center of Cúcuta, Colombia

Cúcuta, August 2, 2021– The phenomenon of human trafficking seems like a new form of slavery in the 21st century, of which we can all be victims, trade-in people, be tricked for sexual exploitation, forced labor, servitude, and forced begging are the most common ways of traffickers.

According to figures from Migración Colombia, it is estimated that more than 1 million 825 thousand Venezuelans are living in the country, between regular and irregular, of which a large part entered by trails. This situation puts migrants at high risk of being exploited by illegal gangs that operate in the border area.

As part of the commemoration of the International Day Against Human Trafficking, the psychosocial team held a day with residents to raise awareness of the importance of the phenomenon that is experienced on the border.

With audiovisual and printed material, informative talk and a play impersonated by the same guests this July 30 at the migration center, the #Human trafficking is not Good Treatment event was carried out, a campaign against human trafficking.

Who can be victims of this crime?
Anyone: men, women, girls, boys, and adolescents of any nationality, race, sex, and social condition. Although most young women are easier to attract mainly to subject them to sexual exploitation.

Identifying victims of trafficking is difficult for multiple reasons that prevent the Colombian justice system from obtaining full figures, but according to estimates by the Ministry of the Interior, the Venezuelan population living in Colombia has been increasing their participation as victims of this crime.

Tips to avoid falling into human trafficking:

  • Do not allow anyone to retain your documents.
  • Do not trust unknown people who offer you a loan.
  • Keep an eye on who your sons and daughters interact with.
  • Before any warning sign, contact the Colombian authorities.
  • Doubt every time they propose to make money easily.
  • Be on the lookout for job interviews that want scantily-clad photos.
  • Share your employer’s contact details with your family members.